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Saturday, 5 April 2014 20:10
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So I finally got around to showing my parents The Fall last night. They weren't too impressed. Lots of "well, it was..different", "I'm sure we just didn't appreciate as much as you as we're not film students", etc. etc. It's a shame really. It was too vibrant and contrasting between the adventure and the emotive hospital scenes for them I suppose.

I'd be disheartened if I hadn't already showed it to my besty and she absolutely adored it, thankfully!

So I guess Jela and Deadly, this is aimed at you! Have you watched The Fall with others and what was their initial reaction?

Any other films/tv which enraptures you but completely bores others you're watching with? I find it so uncomfortable!

(I type this as my parents watch Ice Age 4, something I could not be less interested in!!)

2014-04-05 21:14 (UTC)
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My husband would HATE The Fall (alas, alack), so I'm not even suggesting he watch it. I have no one else to watch it with, although I did buy it for a friend and sent it to her. Not sure if she's been well enough to watch it yet.

I did get dh to watch Wonderfalls with me. We've watched the first 2 eps. SQUEEEEEE. Loving it, even without hardly any Lee Pace in it. I'm used to watching stuff alone.

2014-04-21 12:44 (UTC)
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Ah ha! Expect to see more. I now own the dvds and can screencap:D :D It's adorable. So clever and a female lead. Lee's character doesn't have a HUGE role, but as the show progresses, he does show up more and it's awesome. I wish there had been more of the show.

I have no clue if my friend has watched The Fall yet. I'm assuming not. I haven't heard.

Ah, DD is dear daughter, DH is dear hubby. :D


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